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Registering your site in directories allows you to get external links and achieve higher places in search results. Website directories can be white, gray and black.

White directories directly link to your site and do not require a backlink from you. This is the best kind of catalogs, “white and fluffy.” I love them.

Gray directories – usually also put a direct link to your site, but they require a link from your website to their directory, too. In this case, you may receive a message with an e-mail request that you must put a back link to the directory. Otherwise the site will be deleted from the directory. Ignore such letters. Often a back link on your site will not be verified and the site will be left in the directory. And if they remove it, then it is a minor problem. Several backlinks do not solve anything.

Black directories – require you to link to them before registering in the directory. Without regret, leave such catalogs. There are a lot of white catalogs that do not ask for anything in return. If you will put all the links that different directories require, then your website will be considered like a link-wash. For the presence of such link spam all search engines will ban your sites, and they will be removed from the index and search results. It is very difficult to return positions to the site. So do not take risks.

Do not expect that if you can hide such a page on your site. Delete all links to it from other pages or disable indexing for example, and the search engines will not find it. Your competitors can easily find it and report it to search engines.

Some variants of website registration in directories.

The first option: register manually. You can register your website manually for all available directories. Just type “website directories” in Google, and you will find hundreds of such directories). But it takes a lot of time and effort. The spent traffic and time will be more expensive than other options.

The second option: there are some special programs (for example, paid Allsubmitter) to register websites in the directories easy. As well as directory bases for these programs. Good directory databases can be purchased at specialized forums.

The third option: to use special registration services. I recommend, and, convenient services and give good effects. Here you can get advices for free and choose from several tariffs for your site linkbuilding.

The fourth option: to find a professional who will register your site in the directories. Manual registration costs within $ 20-50. Automatic registration usually costs $ 1-10 (gives less effect). To find professionals use special services like, or just on Facebook (web development groups).

Before registering site in directories, you need to create as many titles, short and long descriptions of the site as possible. This will help the search engines not to glue registered backlinks together in future.

For example, if you register your website in a hundred directories with the same name and description, then the search engines will “glue” these links and the effect will be the same as if you registered your site in only one directory.

Its useful to note that Allsubmitter and some SEO services have automated option for compiling a lot of names and descriptions, which is very convenient. The compilation of 1000 titles, 1000 short descriptions and 1000 long descriptions takes no more than an hour. In the extreme case, if there is only a manual option, make text files with at least 20-30 variants of descriptions and titles, copying and pasting from them will be easier than each time rewriting.

Note: before registering in any directories, get a new e-mail, which you will specify when registering. This will save your main e-mail from possible spam.

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