How to promote the site on your own in 2018

It’s not enough just to create a site with quality content – you also need to promote it in the search engines. Even if your pages contain useful and interesting information, will it be of much use if nobody reads it? Website promotion helps everyone who chose the Internet as a means of generating income: owners of online stores and information portals, bloggers and many others.

To promote a website, it is necessary to execute the whole complex of works, paying attention to each aspect of this procedure. Once it was enough to buy links or use other relatively simple methods, but modern search engines are much “wiser”. It is quite difficult to develop the site yourself, because you will have to pay attention to a lot of nuances. But do not let this frighten you – the task remains completely solvable!

The issue of website promotion will always remain relevant. The principles of the search engines are constantly changing, but there are basic requirements that remain unchanged from the beginning of the work of all popular search engines. Self-promotion of the site is a great way to save on the services of specialists, gain useful skills, draw attention to the project and get profit from it.

Ways to promote the site

Semantic Core

The semantic core (SJ) is a set of words, word forms and word combinations that most accurately characterize the specialization of the site. Correctly selected semantic core is one of the key factors for independent promotion of the site.

There are two ways to solve the problem – automatic and manual.

The automatic variant implies the use of special programs and reference aggregators. You register in the service, enter the site url in the appropriate field, press the button and get the result. The system will analyze the resource and display the desired list. The advantages of automatic selection are speed and simplicity.

The manual method is longer and more difficult, but with its help you can do everything as accurately as possible. First of all, it is necessary to study the available information. Suppose you need to promote the site of the company that sells parts to cars. Find out what parts she sells? For which brands? For cars of what year? Customers – individuals or businesses? Any information matters. For example, if a company operates on the B2C market, you need to focus on the queries containing the word “wholesale”. It is important to add to the core of queries related to the region in which the promotion is carried out – for example, “buy parts for the BMW in New York”. After compiling an exemplary list, use the service “Google KeyPlanner” for precise word selection.

Internal optimization

Another very important point in the promotion of the site. High quality of materials on the pages, proper technical optimization is about half the success.

It is necessary that your site meets a number of characteristics.

1. Content must be unique.
Performing an independent seo-promotion of the site, prepare content that is unique in 95-100%. From these indicators, you can retreat only in cases where such a result is impossible – for example, when listing technical characteristics, quotes, formulas and similar information. If the basic information presented on the pages is not unique, you can not even try to promote the site yourself – you will face very big difficulties.

To check the indicator, you can use different sites and programs: Anti-plagiarism, Advego Plagiatus. It is better to use several options at once – so you are guaranteed to avoid the risk of missing non-unique fragments. Delete or correct them, then run the test again. Did you achieve the result in 95-100%? So, you can proceed to the next stage of internal optimization.

2. We need to optimize the pages for search engines.
Thinking about how to promote the site, you should first of all focus on attracting the target audience. Most visitors will come through search engines, which means that search engine optimization should be given special attention. If this is not done, the behavioral indicators will deteriorate significantly, which will lead to the impossibility of normal website promotion. There are several nuances that should be paid attention.

  • Pages must have the correct title, i.e. the title. It is important for both users and search engines. In the title, you must specify a direct occurrence of the passphrase.
  • On the pages you need to place the titles 1-6-level – h1-h6, which should also contain keywords. Remember: you can not place more than one h1 on each page!
  • Website promotion is impossible without keywords directly in the content. Also in the text you should place selection tags, photos, graphics and other information-enhancing elements.

3. The site should be user-friendly.
To promote the site yourself, pay attention to its structure and navigation. If you have to think and make efforts to get information from the page, this is a bad page. The visitor will quickly leave her. Search engines also analyze the convenience of the resource.

How to organize information correctly? First of all, it needs to be streamlined. The best option is a tree structure, which includes sections and subsections, categories and catalogs. The user should be able to quickly move from one page to another. If you are thinking how to turn the site of an online store or another sales organization, ensure that contact information, price information and the like are available. There is a “rule of three clicks”: the visitor should be able to find the data necessary to him, making no more than three clicks with the mouse. Better – less.

Correct solution of issues with the structure of the site will help improve not only search, but also behavioral indicators. This means that the user is much more willing to use your goods or services.

4. Do not forget about linking.
Promotion of the site itself requires the preparation of numerous links. One of the main factors of internal optimization is linking, that is, you need to place links to other pages of the same resource on the pages of the site. Thanks to this, promotion is carried out at the expense of the internal potential of the site. Re-linking solves several problems at once. It not only correctly distributes the “weight” of the pages, but also helps to promote exactly the parts of the resource you need, directs the user to the right place where he can place an order or receive important information. The work is done manually and may require a significant waste of time, but it’s worth it: placing links in suitable places, you will get rid of the impressive financial expenses in the future.

5. Make the site beautiful and fast.
One of the main problems of many Internet resources is the low download speed. If the page is loaded more than a couple of seconds, something is obviously wrong with it. For search engines, a slow site is a negative signal, and the user is unlikely to agree to wait – sooner he will simply close the tab and leave for competitors. If you are interested in the right website promotion, pay attention to technical nuances. What are the reasons for the download too slow? Here and the wrong layout, and an abundance of “heavy” images, and problems with the server.

Promotion of the website itself requires work on the design. Pleasant appearance, choosing the right fonts will help users to better perceive the information provided. Do you want to experiment with the appearance of the resource? Be careful: users do not like too unusual innovations. The correct option will be to read the pages of the most successful competitors and do something similar.

Independent promotion of a site with optimized articles

This method also refers to internal optimization. It’s simple: you need a unique, carefully prepared and optimized material in which the correctly selected keywords are located.

Promotion of a site in search systems with the help of optimized articles is considered to be the most effective, but rather complex methods. If it is an online store or similar resource dedicated to sales, most likely, it will have to create a separate section for articles. Place materials useful to users there, which then will bring traffic. To promote the site in this way, you need to take care of the quality of content: in most cases, you have to contact professionals who can write a suitable article on the desired topic.

The advantage of promoting the site by this method is the improvement of behavioral indicators. If the visitor is interested in reading the material, he is likely to be interested in the goods or services provided. The more people come to the blog or the articles heading, the better results will be displayed by Google Analytics.

How to promote the site using optimized articles? The material should have a sufficient number of keywords. It is important not to overdo it. If there are too many of them, readability will suffer, and search engines can negatively react to spam.

There are several rules, under which the site will be promoted with maximum efficiency.

  • Keywords should be about 3% of the total text on the page. Some of them can be placed in tags, headers and similar elements. If there are too many keywords, the search engines include spam filters, and the optimization efficiency falls.
  • It is not necessary to use only direct occurrences of words. For readability it is recommended to use proper word forms.
  • Do not need to use long and complex keyword phrases in the headers. First, it worsens the perception and attractiveness of the text for the user. Secondly, there will be no special effect – the keys in h1 and h2 are important, but not decisive.

The cost of creating quality content can be quite high, but it’s worth it.

External optimization

When and how to promote your site in external ways? Do this only after the work on internal optimization has been completed. It makes no sense to proceed with the methods listed below without taking care of the quality of the resource.

Website promotion by links

You can get links to the resource that you need to untwist in several ways. There are free and paid options. Typically, for free, you have to spend more time and effort, but they can be just as effective if the link will be from a truly trusted source. In most cases, developing a plan, how to promote the site itself, it is better to resort to paid methods. Do not be scared – they are not too expensive.

You need to consider several important points:

  • links should be placed on sites that have a similar theme with the promoted resource;
  • page with a link should not be a simple set of words – information and usefulness are important;
  • Links should be homogeneous – it is not necessary to refer to several different resources from one material;
  • they need to be located in the well-visible users of the page, that is, not in the footer and not in other low-noticeable elements;
  • the best option is the presence of one direct entry of the key phrase and one modified (for example, “buy BMW parts” and “purchase Volvo parts”). However, there is an opinion that you can put two links to different pages of your site;
  • An anchor list should be diverse, and not all links should stand with promoted phrases: links that are url pages are very important. This is the most natural kind of link that users really could share with each other;
  • The text around the link should correspond to the text of the link;
  • pages should be indexed by all popular search engines;
  • Alexa Rank – the lower the better; the indicators of the thematic citation index are only high;

Thinking about how to promote the site, some optimizers do not pay enough attention to the correct selection of anchors, which reduces their effectiveness. Remember: link texts must be different, carefully selected and attractive to the visitor! They should want to click on – this will lead to increased traffic.

Finally, the main rule, following which you will understand how to promote the site and achieve high efficiency. You need to buy links regularly and gradually, and their number should be increased with each purchase. You can not buy a large quantity for a freshly created project at once – this can lead to sanctions on the part of search engines. For purchase, you can apply to special exchanges, such as, and

In addition, it is important to make your resource beautiful, understandable and user-friendly, then people will share links to your site, and the reference mass will grow naturally.

Promotion by press releases

Not the most simple and popular, but very effective option. Press release is a message containing information about an event or organization intended for placement in the press. In fact, it is a news article that refers to a specific resource. The press release from the usual article differs, mainly, by the presence of a serious cause. They can be anything: the opening of an online store, the launch of a large-scale campaign, the provision of bonuses and discounts.

The material contains a link to the site. Here, too, there is an important feature – the link should look like a url-address, and not a keyword phrase. The link in the press release posted on the site of an authoritative media is an excellent “pumping” of the resource, which increases the confidence of the search engines.

Features of creating and placing press releases

All you need to do is write a press release by inserting a link to the site in its text, and then posting the material on the appropriate site. There are paid and free sites that accept news articles of this kind. The database should be popular and constantly updated. The best option is to order the service in the relevant organization.

What results will be achieved? You will receive links from a respected and popular resource. News from media resources is often copied by other sites, so your link can become even more popular than planned. This leads to improved search results, increased visitor flow and a significant increase in brand awareness. In addition, TIC and PR are increasing.

Promotion by directories

You can register a site in the directory. There are paid and free options. The best results can be achieved by contacting the services from known search engines, but getting into them is not so easy. The site must meet a variety of requirements related to design, the availability of useful and unique content, the level of attendance and other nuances. The Google catalog is very popular, you can add a resource to which you can both for money and for free.

Previously, adding a site to the directory was a mandatory stage of promotion, but then there were programs that automate the process, which reduced the benefits. Nevertheless, with proper application it is possible to achieve an excellent result. Remember that adding a resource to a large number of systems in a short time can lead to the overlay of search engine filters. It is not recommended to use services for automation – it is better to act manually, referring only to moderated catalogs that have good indexes of the citation index.


It is quite possible to promote the site independently, but for this you will have to pay attention to many aspects of optimization. Be prepared for the fact that the results will not appear immediately – the resource develops gradually. In any case, remember that a good site is done for people, not for search robots.

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