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A great way to have regular updates on the site is to add a blog to it. Search engines really appreciate quality content. The constantly updated site has much more chances to get to the top positions. Search engines will literally love your site if you add a blog to it and regularly add materials to it. Do not forget in the options of your blog to specify a list of services for ping. They will send signals for search engines every time you publish an article. That will speed up the arrival of search spiders on your site and its indexing.

Step one

Add a blog to your domain. Publish quality material. Try not to write too short or too long posts. It will be graet if this articles will be in some ways a conversation with readers. Try to visit popular sites, forums, blogs, article directories to find ideas. Gather the best ideas and turn them into a posts on your blog.

You can find some interesting videos on metacafe, youtube, google video and add them directly to the posts, as well as add comments to them.

There are a lot of popular services of questions and answers now. They will give you a lot of ideas for blogging. You must not just copy. Find questions that you can answer, write the answers and turn it into an interesting article on your blog.

Also you can find a popular forum on your subject and participate in it. You can write a post about some popular topic on the forum, using questions and answers from this topic and adding your thoughts.

Step two

The first thing you need to determine the requests for which you want your site to be found in search engines. Try not to choose too competitive requests at first.

Put this query in the title of your blog, as well as in the beginning and in the end of the post. Also highlight these keywords in bold type. In order for your post to hold good positions in search engines, you need to be referenced by a certain number of sites. The more competitive the request, the more backlinks for the post required.

The sidebar on your blog should show the latest articles. This will help search engines find and index all of your content. It’s also a good idea to make a list of the most popular materials.

A blog is not only an effective way to add content to a website. But this will also attract additional visitors and customers. Make a blog on the same design as your main site.

Previously, it was common to add articles to the site. Each article was created on a separate page. But usually the articles do not occupy high positions in search engines, even the addition of meta tags and keywords does not help much. With blogs, everything is completely different. Organize a blog, regularly fill it with quality material, and search engines will reward you.

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