7 secrets of a successful site

If you want your site to reach your goals, you should pay attention to every promotion details. You need to be sure that the site is developing effectively. Next I will give 7 simple secrets of a successful site.

1. Do not use the welcome page. Greetings pages are pages that you sometimes get to when you visit a site. Usually they have a colorful image and an invitation to enter the site like “Welcome” or “Login.” Avoid these pages – in fact they irritate visitors and encourage them to leave your site. Visitors should see the content of the site at a glance.

2. Do not use annoying ads. Absolute majority of visitors ignore advertising on sites. Try instead of obsessive banners to use high-quality and interesting materials, and insert ads directly in articles. As a result, visitors are much more willing to click on such links.

3. Navigation should be simple and understandable. You must make such a navigation so that even a child can navigate on your site. Avoid drop-down menus on scripts or flash. If visitors do not immediately understand how to navigate on the site, they will leave.

4. Visitors should understand in which categorie they are located. When a visitor makes several steps deep into your site, make that he understands which categorie is in. This will facilitate the search for information on the site. And as a result, you will get an increased attendance and page views.

5. Articles should be easy to read. Break the text into small paragraphs. If there are a lot of text on the page, divide it into short blocks, otherwise the visitors will leave.

6. Do not use sounds on the site. If a visitor is going to stay on your site to read interesting material, do not use sounds or melodies, otherwise it may irritate him. If you still want to use sound effects, then make sure that the visitor can control the volume or completely turn off the volume.

7. Try to ensure that the site complies with the web standards. You must make your site so that conforms to accepted web standards and correctly display in different browsers. If your site looks great in Internet Explorer, but it does not appear correctly in Mozilla Firefox or Opera, then you will lose a lot of visitors.

Follow these 7 simple steps and you will make your site really quality, effective and useful for visitors.

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