23 effective web design secrets to improve your site

In the world of web design, it is popular to learn how the visitor’s eyes look on a web page. At the same time, it is not easy to apply these data on practice. In this article I will try to reveal my points of view on this topic “How to use the web design secrets to improve your site”.

  1. Text attracts more attention than graphics. Contrary to popular belief, the site visitors are not attracted by graphics. Most of them come to your site for the information, not because of design. So try to focus on the text content.
  2. First, the visitor looks at the upper left part of the page. The interface of most programs follows this rule. You should consider this point when creating a website design. If you want to create a truly successful website, you must remember that.
  3. Visitors first look at the left upper part of the page, and only then they move the view below and then to the right. Schematically, the view of visitors passes through the web page in the form of the letter ‘F’. Try to locate the most important elements of your site in these areas: headings, post titles, selected text, to encourage visitors to read your site.
  4. Visitors ignore the banners. Perhaps your site generates revenue using banners and ads, but research shows that most visitors simply ignore banners as soon as they see them. If you want to make money on advertising, you have to experiment with the location and types of advertising.
  5. Unusual effects and non-standard fonts are ignored. Why? Because subconsciously, visitors take such elements for advertising. According to the research, visitors find it difficult to find the necessary information in a bright text, and they ignore it. Try not to overload the site design with various unusual effects (animated cursors, etc.).
  6. Use numbered lists. Readers will find it much easier to find the information they need if you use numbered lists.
  7. The font size affects on visitors. Want to influence the behavior of readers on your site? Change the font size. Fine print focuses the view, while the large font encourages the visitor to search on the page. Depending on your goals, you can use any of the options.
  8. Visitors are interested in headlines. Make headlines interesting and attractive. Try to include keywords in them, which will positively affect the positions of your site in the search engines.
  9. Readers often browse the bottom of the pages. You can profitably use this by placing something interesting there.
  10. Short paragraphs are better for perception than long ones. Adhere to this rule and break the text into pages into small paragraphs that are better perceived.
  11. One column design is more effective for attracting the eye than a few. Do not try to give visitors all the information at once. The simpler the design, the better.
  12. Advertising in the top and left sections of the site is most effective. If you place advertising on your site, try to place it on the top left sections of the page. This will make it as effective as possible. Try to make it intrusive and do not break the design.
  13. Advertising near popular materials is more effective. If you want to get more profit from advertising, place it closer to the most interesting materials. Visitors will be able to learn the best that you have and at the same time they will click on the advertisement located nearby.
  14. Text advertising is better than other types of advertising. As we already mentioned, the visitors do not pay enough attention to the advertising banners. That’s why text ads are more effective. It is not so intrusive and often mistaken for some part of the content.
  15. The more images, the more attention they attract. If you are going to use illustrations on the site, then the bigger they are, the better, within reasonable limits, of course. Try to match the images to the text, otherwise they will be ignored. A large percentage of visitors have high-speed Internet access, so do not afraid to upload large images.
  16. Distinct faces in the illustrations are good for attracting attention. If you use photos with faces of people, try to make them clearly visible. Also photos of models attract more attention than photos of ordinary people:)
  17. Beautiful and interesting headlines attract more attention. Visitors notice the headlines on the pages first. The headings should not be covered by design elements and should be clearly visible.
  18. Visitors pay enough attention to buttons and menu items. Therefore, you should take the time to these details, because they are the most important elements of the design of the site.
  19. Numbered lists take more time to attract visitors. One of the popular options for processing the contents of pages on the site is to make it in the form of a numbered list. Use numbering or symbols to highlight important information on web pages. This will make your site more convenient to search for information.
  20. Visitors do not like large blocks of text. Studies confirm that the majority of visitors on the Internet avoid large blocks of textual information, regardless of its originality and usefulness. Therefore it is important to break the text into small paragraphs and use numbering and symbols.
  21. Competent formatting attracts attention. Use bold and italic fonts to keep visitors’ attention. You can also use different font colors, underline function and capital letters. Try to keep measure.
  22. Try to leave some parts of the pages visually empty. Sites with oversaturated information are often ignored by users. Try to use simple design and more open space.
  23. The main menu at the top of the site is one of the most effective. Ideally, you need to ensure that visitors view as many pages as possible on your site, so it is important to give them a convenient menu for navigating through all sections of the site.

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