11 Ways to Find a Topic for an Article

In many articles, I talked about the fact that content should not be unique. It must be copyright.

Author’s material is:

  • totality author’s text and ideas;
  • feature of the material;
  • innovation of the material.

Many speak about the author’s style. I believe that there is no author’s style. Either the text is useful, or it is not needed at all. The author can use his techniques – the distinctive features of the presentation of the material.

Today we will talk about how to find a topic for the author’s text. In the article there will be no way to collect queries, under which you can write an article and post it on the site. We will learn about other ways to find a topic that excites people. It’s not writing optimized texts, it’s content marketing.

Search Tips

When we enter the query in the Search Engine, in addition to issuing, we see the section “Together with this also search.” It aggregates similar searches.

For example, for query “How to write an article,” Google offers such optional tips:

A month ago in a translated article about content, the author gave an example: the theme is a mountain, and individual articles are the way to its top. Search tips will help you find this trail.

Q & A Services

Here we are looking for questions that are not answered yet. If a person asks a question, then the topic is interesting. Filter the requests by category. I’m sure that in the available sections there will be questions about your topic.

Secondly, look the closed questions for keywords. The man got the answer on his problem – it’s excellent. Our task is to analyze the answers. For example, they may hide an unusual solution.

We are clinging to this topic, looking for sources and writing a guide. Non-standard methods for solving common problems attract attention, and users actively share them in social networks.

Thematic Forums

The story is almost the same as with the questionnaires.

Forum – a platform where users can communicate among themselves, express their opinions, ask questions or answer them. Social networks have taken a large part of the audience forums, but still there are active and popular resources.

The authors on the forums usually share personal experiences, their own experience. So, we can also look for a non-standard solution.

Sales Department

Selling platforms are a storehouse of ideas for content. The trouble is that they are constantly busy with cold calls and knocking out signatures from clients.

Nevertheless. Let’s promise the salesman to treat his coffee, and at this moment we’ll talk with him and ask:

  • what are the questions asked by customers?
  • what objections do they have?

You will get topics that excite potential customers and buyers. The salesman is in contact with the person in the selection stage. This is the longest stage before buying a product. We go to sites and shops, we write out the characteristics of different products and compare – which one is the best?

Help Desk, or Technical Support

If you have client escort, talk to a colleague from the technical support or account department.

If a person breaks something, he will look for information on how to fix it. You can provide some problems by writing about them. Nevertheless, it is not out of place to clarify with the technical support service, with what questions users come to them. From this information you:

  • You will understand what is the most common problem;
  • Learn about possible problems.

Several possible directions:

  • What to do for prevention;
  • How to solve a specific problem;
  • A complete guide to the use of the product or service;
  • Collections of popular questions / problems;
  • Funny appeals to technical support.


In addition to the phrases “Author what the f**k”, you can find new topics that excite your readers.

Look. In addition to answering a specific question of a person, here there are ideas for a full-fledged article. The commentator needs to segment the audience, highlight those who gave up ideas. And you need all this in order not to lose potential buyers and still sell them the goods.

Services of Journalistic Inquiries

When a journalist writes an article, he often looking for comments from outside specialists.

Look at the media queries. You will find out what excites journalists from the media. For sure, there will be hot topics – a ready info guide for you.

If the topic excites journalists from your sphere, then it will be useful for your readers.

Content Management

Another idea is how to receive content without touching the pen. Many information (and not only) portals regularly publish digests of interesting articles.

Here, the authors consider useful materials that appeared, for example, over the past month. This is called content management. You are looking for relevant materials that are useful for your audience, and are making them into a collection.

Collections are actively scammed by users in social networks. Each such curatorial article is a collection of useful information. Everyone likes this.

You must not not only manage other people’s articles, but also use to collect the selection of their own publications on a topic.

Useful Services

Finally, lets talk about analyzing competitors and searching for topics that already have material in the Internet.

The Google Keyword Planner helps you find out which queries you can use to write articles. Select the option “Search for new keywords by site or category” and enter the required query.

Guide to Google Keyword Planner for SEO

If there are a lot of queries in your niche to make it easier to work with search tips, use the Keyword Tool. It helps and generates a complete report. You can play with different words combinations “where”, “how”, etc.

If you have already chosen the sites you will be targeting, Feedly will be used to collect all the information. In one window you will see all the new materials that appeared on the sites of competitors.

What to Do With All of This

All that we discussed above is about finding new ideas. The idea is not a finished article. Therefore, for each information guide, find the material that comes from your personal practice.

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